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Survey Data and ClearThread™ Technology Helps Verify Brand Presentation and Needs

Dallas, TX (September 8, 2011) – DAVACO, Inc. (, the national leading provider of turnkey retail and restaurant service solutions, recently announced that the company can help clients better understand their brand presence and performance at the individual store or restaurant level. DAVACO’s team of nationwide survey professionals can quickly and efficiently visit hundreds or thousands of locations to conduct a comprehensive assessment of specified branding elements, ranging from compliance of standards to general conditions of graphics, interior/exterior signage, and other brand components . DAVACO says that obtaining key market information helps marketing executives, brand managers and other business strategists understand how shoppers/diners experience the brand, good and bad, in each location across the country.

“We know that assuring the integrity and consistency of a brand is important for building and maintaining loyalty among current and future shoppers/diners,” said Rick Davis, CEO, DAVACO. “And, while a comprehensive branding initiative encompasses many areas, there is no doubt that the consumers’ perception of the brand—at the place where the purchasing decisions are made—is the most critical. This is especially true in today’s economy where retailers and restaurants are competitively vying for business.”

In addition to executing fleet-wide site surveys, DAVACO can also correct individual infractions on a per-location basis, oftentimes during the initial assessment. In other cases, DAVACO works with clients to analyze the store/restaurant data to develop a full-scale program that involves all/majority of locations and addresses multiple areas of non-compliance. “DAVACO can handle the entire process—including the site survey, removal and disposal of graphics/fixtures/equipment, and the installation of new store assets,” said Davis.

DAVACO says that it is nearly impossible for corporate marketers to visit each location, and it is difficult to rely on store or restaurant personnel to provide accurate, honest feedback regarding brand standards. DAVACO’s site survey and assessment programs allow clients to obtain extensive data and photos based on their own set of survey questions. The company supports the survey execution with its proprietary ClearThread™ technology, which allows clients to access real-time progress reports, alerts, survey data, before/after photography and other significant information via a secure, online client portal. ClearThread also includes advanced reporting functionality to analyze data, from a high-level program overview or individual site perspective.

“At DAVACO, we understand that gaining visibility into the retail/restaurant landscape is a critical first step to assuring that a brand is meeting the expectations of the consumer,” said Davis. “We are committed to providing our clients with consistent, accurate, prompt and detailed store/restaurant intelligence. And, when it comes time to execute the changes, you can count on DAVACO to handle the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the program to update and/or maintain brand and visual standards.”

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