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DAVACO Offers Turnkey Services for Technology Initiatives
Restaurant Brands Continue to Integrate Technology for Better Customer Experience

Dallas, TX (July 21, 2016) — DAVACO, Inc. (, the North American leader of high-volume programs for retail, restaurant and hospitality brands, announced today that the company is partnering with quick-service and fast/casual restaurant brands to integrate technology into locations across the country. According to DAVACO, many of its restaurant clients no longer consider technology an emerging trend—it is now a requirement to stay competitive in the marketplace. As a result, many of DAVACO's clients are now in the development or launching stage of initiatives involving technology, with self-ordering kiosks and interior/exterior digital menu boards being among the most popular.

"Consumers have a lot of choices when it comes to selecting a restaurant, so our brand clients are investing in technology to do more than just improve the restaurant space—they are trying to create a remarkable experience that is compelling enough to establish a repeat customer," said Rick Davis, Founder/CEO, DAVACO. "Technology—digital menu boards and self-ordering kiosks, in particular—are transforming the QSR/Fast-Casual service model. From creating operational efficiencies to adding promotional/marketing opportunities and empowering the customer, these technologies are benefiting both the consumer and the brand."

DAVACO, a pioneer in turnkey digital integration programs, offers a full range of services related to high-volume technology programs. The company has already installed over 35,000 screens across the United States and Canada, as well as thousands of self-ordering kiosks and beacons for digital and mobile programs. DAVACO employs over 1,100 W-2/T-4 employees with specialized skills to manage and execute turnkey digital programs, including survey/prep the site, complete the installation, and confirm connectivity and content verification.

"Self-ordering kiosks and digital menu boards are quickly becoming key components of today's restaurant environment and it's an exciting time for these brands to reinvent themselves," said Davis. "We feel there is no other company that has the experience and service solutions that DAVACO can offer. We can manage and execute technology programs, as well as other front of house and back of house initiatives, including remodels, fixture/equipment upgrades and installation of dècor packages."

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