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Retailers Prepare for Busy Fourth Quarter
DAVACO Offers Services to Execute Seasonal Rollouts in Stores Across the Country

Dallas, TX (July 31, 2008) – DAVACO, Inc., the national leading provider of retail services, announced today that the company is gearing up now for the fourth quarter of 2008 and is planning and finalizing holiday/seasonal programs. DAVACO, which has over 700 W-2 employees across the country, offers a comprehensive range of services designed specifically to meet the needs of national retail brands at the store-level. 

“While it seems early to begin thinking about the holiday season and fourth quarter initiatives, most of the retail industry has already been strategizing for months. And, given the unstable economy, retailers are certainly paying particular attention to maximizing their store space and creating an environment that encourages shoppers to spend time and money in their stores,” said Rick Davis, CEO. “DAVACO is a unique solution for national retail brands as we have built our business on making change happen at the retail level while maintaining brand consistency from store to store.  DAVACO has the team and the expertise in place to help these brands implement their programs quickly and efficiently, during open store hours with minimal disruption, so each location will be ready to kick-off the season with the store set-up they need to drive sales.” 

DAVACO offers a variety of services, specializing in high-volume rollouts, resets, retrofits, remodels, in-store merchandising, shop-in-shops and associated logistics and consolidation. For seasonal initiatives, the company can execute integrated programs that give retailers a smart approach to their store initiatives.  For example, DAVACO can complete in-store surveys to determine existing conditions; coordinate consolidation and logistics of graphics; complete the installation; and handle the reverse logistics at the end of the season.

“Starting any store program with an in-store survey helps retailers gain a full understanding and better quantify each store’s needs so that they can make the best decisions and minimize waste,” said Davis. “And, once we begin the program, our team can truly manage the entire process—all the way through to restoring the space to its non-seasonal arrangement—with speed-to-market and brand consistency from coast-to-coast.”

About DAVACO Inc.
DAVACO, the national leading provider of retail services, specializes in the quality management and execution of high-volume rollouts, retrofits, resets, in-store merchandising, shop-in-shops and associated logistics and consolidation. DAVACO offers a comprehensive range of services that helps retailers maximize brand presence and profitability at retail.  Services include: ▪ Rollouts, retrofits, resets and remodelsFixture and graphics installationsProject servicesProject managementHard- and soft-line merchandisingSite and marketing surveysLogistics and consolidationDesign servicesSpecial initiatives.  Founded in 1990, the company is based in Dallas, Texas, with over 700 employees across the country.  For more information, visit

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