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DAVACO's Merchandising Team Executes a Brand's Strategy at Store Level
Company Provides Visual Merchandising Expertise for Soft-Line Manufacturers

Dallas, TX (April 7, 2009) – DAVACO, Inc. (, the national leading provider of retail services, recently announced that the company’s brand development division continues to offer full-service and supplemental merchandise coordinator programs for national soft-line brands. DAVACO, which leverages its experienced, nationwide merchandising team to implement a brand’s strategy and increase floor visibility within department stores and other retail environments, says that this service offering is increasingly important to their clients.

“We’re seeing a trend among soft-line brands that includes the consolidation of their internal merchandise coordinator programs, while others are pursuing options for outsourcing all of their merchandising needs,” said Rick Davis, CEO, DAVACO. “These brands still value and rely on merchandising to establish and maintain brand presence at each retail location, but they are also looking for alternative approaches to implement their brand strategy.”

DAVACO says that their soft-line merchandising services offer extra benefits for their clients, in addition to the day-to-day obligations that are typically associated with managing an internal program. “Our clients get the benefit of utilizing our team of visual merchandising professionals, which are experienced in a variety of brand categories and located in major markets across the country,” said Davis. “This means we manage payroll, benefits, logistics, recruiting and professional development—to name a few—so our clients can focus on their other brand responsibilities instead of the administrative functions.”

In addition, DAVACO supports its clients with a proprietary technology package that provides greater efficiencies and increased visibility into the program. DAVACO coordinators are equipped with mobile devices that allow for immediate feedback during store visits. All brand information is compiled on customized, online portals that are designed to provide clients with photography, store visit recaps, electronic signatures from store management, alerts, discussion boards and a wide range of specialized reporting capabilities.

“We take great pride in our team’s expertise and their commitment to the integrity of our clients’ brands,” said Davis. “Our job is to promote and protect their brand at the store level, and our clients can be assured that we’re the right resource for implementing brand strategies with consistency, quality and attention-to-detail on a nationwide basis.”

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